Egg-spotting at a 2014 Summer Concert

One of the great things about re-watching older Hello! Project concerts is the chance to see graduated favorites when they were in their prime. It’s as if they never left! And since I haven’t re-watched these shows in years, it’s like seeing them for the first time. So I put in my Blu-ray of Hello! Project 2014 Summer Part One: Korezo! and there were Sayumi Michishige, Riho Sayashi and Kanon Suzuki back in Morning Musume; Kanon Fukuda and Meimi Tamura back in S/mileage (pre-Angerme); and there was all of Berryz Kobo. Twelve missing performers suddenly restored to their former glory! In addition to C-ute and Juice=Juice. My only lament was…no Country Girls, no Kobushi Factory and no Tsubaki Factory. But then the first number with the Eggs, aka Hello Pro Kenshuusei, began and who should I see? Future members of Country Girls, Kobushi Factory and Tsubaki Factory, as well as future members of Morning Musume and Angerme. Everybody was represented! What a thrill. And there was even a moment where Rikako Sasaki danced backup for S/mileage, her future teammates in Angerme.

Back in MM…


Riho and Kanon:

Back in S/mileage…



Berryz back together:

And among the KSS, future Country Girls…

Risa Yamaki (on the left):

Manaka Inaba:

Future Kobushi members…

Natsumi Toguchi and Ayano Hamaura:

Minami Nomura:

Rena Ogawa (center):

Future Tsubaki members…

Riko Yamagishi (on the right):

Kisora Niinuma:

Future 12th Gen MM members…

Maria Makino:

Akane Haga:

Future 13th Gen member Kaede Kaga:

Future Angerme members…

Rikako Sasaki:

Mizuki Murota:

Maho Aikawa (on the right):

Here are pix taken from Part Two: Yappari! in which the KSS number had better lighting and more closeups:








Minami and Kisora:

Kisora and Mizuki:

Plus Reina Ichioka (on the left), whose debut was announced this past weekend (in which group we don’t know yet):

Plus, the Eggs came out as backup for several other numbers later in the concert…

…including one number where we got to see the spectacle of Rikako dancing with S/mileage:

There are other Eggs among the 18 counted in the lineup who may have debuted since this concert, but I didn’t recognize any others among the ones I spotted and have only identified two of those…

Ruru Danbara (on the right, with Ayano):

Nanami Tanabe (on the left, with Maho):

Since the end credits didn’t list any names under Hello! Pro Kenshuusei, I couldn’t tell you who else was among them.

Plus, the concert has two more acts you won’t find in a Hello! Project concert anymore:

Bitter & Sweet:

The Possible:

So yes, I’ll keep watching H!P concerts from my favorite periods, including MM from 2011-2015, when Riho and Ayumi were together and dominated the lineup—as well they should have.

One question, though. Why is Makoto decked out like the title character in Tim Burton’s BEETLEJUICE?

(And yes, that’s Mizuki Murota, Riko Yamagishi, and Maho Aikawa sitting behind him.)




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