Hello! Project 2011: A Lot Can Happen in a Year

I recently re-watched the Hello! Project Winter 2012 concerts, recorded in January of that year, and noted that Morning Musume featured both 9th and 10th Gen in its 12-member lineup and S/mileage had two members of 1st Gen and four members of 2nd Gen. Afterwards, out of curiosity, I put in the Hello! Project Winter 2011 concerts just to see how different they were and I was immediately struck by the major changes in lineup in both MM and S/mileage.

MM went from five members to 12 in one year, losing one and gaining eight:

S/mileage went from four members to six, losing two and gaining four:

Now, upon re-watching the 2011 concerts, I realized that MM’s 9th Gen does indeed get introduced there and participates in the finale of the first concert, but not the second. Kanon Suzuki is absent from the first one, but not the second.

Without Kanon:

Finale of Concert A:

With Kanon:

Also, we get an inkling of 10th Gen when we see Haruka Kudo performing as one of the Eggs:

We even see her on the steps in the background when 9th Gen is being introduced in Concert A:

Mizuki Fukumura continues to perform as an Egg in both 2011 concerts, even after the 9th Gen introduction:

And we get a glimpse of some of 2nd Gen S/mileage when we see Akari Takeuchi and Rina Katsuta performing as Eggs, side-by-side in at least one number, seen here to the left of Aika, with Rie Kaneko and Mizuki on the right:

We also get glimpses of a future group, Juice=Juice, when we spot Karin Miyamoto and Sayuki Takagi performing as Eggs in several numbers. Here, both are seen backing Risa Niigaki during her solo:

Who knew at the time that changes were afoot and we were getting sneak previews?

Interestingly, in the end credits, Mizuki’s name is listed with MM along with the other 9th Gen members, but is conspicuously absent from the list of Eggs, even though she performed as one in the show:

MM in 2011:

MM in 2012:

This was 10th Gen’s first Hello! Project concert but they’d already performed onstage with MM, so they’re thoroughly integrated into the group, having been introduced three months earlier.

Just look at all the fun they’re having:

S/mileage in 2011:

S/mileage in 2012:





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