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C-ute Disbands and an Era Comes to an End

C-ute Disbands and an Era Comes to an End

On Monday June 12, 2017, C-ute gave their final concert. After it was over, the group was disbanded. They’d been together twelve years, a long time for a Hello! Project group, the longest for a group in which all the members at the end of its tenure were all in the group at the beginning. One can make the case that Melon Kinenbi had the longest tenure for a group with intact membership, but since five of the same girls were in C-ute at the beginning and were still in C-ute, minus any others, at the end, that makes them the longest running group in H!P with the same members, at least in my book.

In any event, I managed to see the last two hours of the concert as it was broadcast live through some server and then, finding it on-line two days later, I caught the part I missed and re-watched the whole thing—three-and-a-half hours! What a great concert. A sad and emotional spectacle. Numerous friends of mine were in the audience there, surrogates for the rest of us overseas fans.

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